Running late for your rental car? Here’s what to do

What if I know I’m going to be late? 

If you know in advance that you’re not going to make your pick-up time you may be able to change your rental to better suit your schedule. 

If it’s the day you’re due to pick up the car, ring the rental company to let them know you’re running late. If they know you’re on your way, they might be able to hold your car back until you arrive. It’s definitely worth trying to keep your original rental, as rental cars tend to cost much more at the last minute. And the rental company may not have another car suitable for your trip when you arrive, particularly if it’s a busy place.  

What if my flight is delayed? 

It’s a good idea to add your flight number when you’re booking the car. The rental company will know if your flight is delayed and is more likely to hold the car for you until you arrive.  

If you’ve just found out that your flight is delayed, just ring the rental company to let them know you’re running late. 

What if I’ll arrive when the counter is closed? 

If need a to pick-up a rental car at night, check the rental counter opening hours, and look out for ‘out-of-hours’ information. Some rental companies will keep a counter open for longer if required. You’ll usually pay an ‘out of hours’ fee for this service.