13 Perfect Wedding Car Decorations For That “Just Married” Ride

Wedding Car Hire – Yes, we can help!  Too often everything has been arranged – but the wedding car hire…  Call us!  We picked out the best wedding car decorations so your first ride as a married couple can be special and memorable.


You’ve seen it before

You’ve seen it in all your favorite wedding movies: tied-together tin cans trailing off the bumper and “Just Married” scribbled on the back window. But wedding car decorations don’t have to stop there—they can be as unique as the couple themselves. For instance, if the newlyweds had a Greek ceremony, an “Opa!” banner may feel appropriate, or for more rustic “I dos,” a sweet arrangement of wildflowers could be the perfect touch. Feel free to get creative with whatever wedding or decoration (or mixture of decorations) you choose.

It’s also important to take a few safety precautions into consideration with your wedding car decoration process. Here are the logistics of decorating the “just married” car:


When to Do It

Every wedding timeline is a little different, so you’ll want to consult with the planner or coordinator to find out when the best time is to say your goodbyes. No matter when the newlyweds are making their grand exit, allow plenty of time to get the car decorated.


This depends on the type of vehicle. If it’s rented from a rental company, ask the them about any decoration restrictions before unintentionally adding a cleaning fee onto the couple’s bill.

Why Decorate?

If you’ve ever seen a convoy of cars drive by decorated for a wedding day, you know the commotion it causes: People honk their horns, yell their congratulations out their car windows or wave from the sidewalk. It’s a fun way to exit the wedding reception or to arrive there from the ceremony.


If it’s a car that belongs to a member of the wedding party or the couple, feel free to have a little more fun, but don’t use materials that will damage the car’s finish. The avoid-at-all-costs list includes:

  • spray paint
  • whipped cream (anything containing sugar will ruin the paint) and
  • electrical and masking tape.

Also, remember that tin cans will spark against pavement, which may be dangerous (and it’s even illegal in some areas). If you want to write on the car, use a safe option that can be applied to the windows and doors of cars.

What else can you use? Write on windows with bar soap, shaving cream and even white shoe polish. Attach plastic soda bottles (no sparks) or streamers to the rear bumper. You can also tie streamers to the antenna and front bumper. Just stick it on with tape—but don’t be surprised if some décor flies off as the couple makes their move. Another word of advice: Don’t hide the license plate. Nothing will put a damper on an otherwise Instagram-worthy moment like getting pulled over by the police.

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