5 Tips for Choosing a Car Rental

If you feel that renting a car cheaply and getting a good deal in Albany, NZ at the same time is impossible – think again. There are always ways to get perfect deals and save money while renting cars.

1. Do your research

Not all rental car companies or rental cars are the same. Do your research and find a company that services the area you are travelling in, provides a variety of vehicles that suits your needs and offers value for money. Online testimonials and reviews are a great way to find out how other people find the price, reliability and customer service of the company you are considering.

2. Consider all the options

You may already have a clear idea of the type of vehicle you want to rent but don’t forget to consider all the options. You might save money by renting a less popular make and model. If the idea is just to get a certain number of people from A to B then perhaps the exact vehicle isn’t really that important after all.

3. Read the fine print

Before signing on the dotted sign or completing your online booking make sure you read the fine print so you know exactly what is included, what extra charges you may incur and the insurance coverage you will receive.

4. Look local

Often there are amazing deals on offer from smaller, local rental companies so they are definitely worth considering. Not only will you receive a value for money car rental but you will get expert local knowledge and a more personalised service than with some of the larger rental companies.

5. Check the inclusions

Companies such as Realistic Rental Cars will provide inclusions to ensure that your rental car experience is as hassle-free as possible. Realistic Rental Cars can include a GPS so you don’t get lost and 24/7 roadside assistance should anything happen to get you back on the road again fast.

For realistic car rental, value for money and expert customer service look no further than Realistic Rental Cars in Albany. Call us today on 09 415 8569, or email bookings@realisticrentals.co.nz