A Rental Car – ‘Yes!’

Cheap Rental Cars North Shore – Although many cities today have numerous public transportation options such as buses, trains, and subways; their schedules or station locations may not be very suitable for your agenda. Whether traveling for leisure or business, you may find that renting a car would be more convenient during your stay.  However, make sure to check this list of top car rental tips and tricks for an efficient and stress free process.

Check for  Mileage

Read your rental terms and conditions carefully always. If you have an exciting road trip on mind, make sure your car includes “unlimited mileage” when booking. However, of a good deal you might have found, this feature is often unnoticed. Avoid the disappointment by going through all the details.

Book early

An early bird is always the smart way to go. Rates depend on how many vehicles the company has available at the time the rental is made, so the sooner the better! Reserve your car at least a few weeks in advance to benefit from great discounts.

Save by getting your own

Additional accessories such as a child car seat, a navigation system and others highly effect your daily car rental rate. For instance, a child seat could cost you about 10$ daily which for a week-long family vacation may tack a significant amount onto your car rental expenses. Therefore, if possible and you do prefer to save on little here and there, get your own necessities.

Check your own insurance policy

Most vehicle insurance policies already include some sort of rental car insurance coverage, so if you sign up for the full rental car policy, you’re paying extra when you may not have to. Check with your current insurance company on what is covered and accordingly decide on what to add on your rental package. Additionally, if you pay for a rental car with a major credit card, there’s a good chance that the card issuer offers secondary car rental insurance at no charge. Check with them as well!

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