Car rental on the North Shore: things to consider

If there’s one thing we pride ourselves on here at Realistic Rentals, it’s that we’re up front and honest with our customers. It’s one of the many reasons they come back to our Car rental on the North Shore again and again! Unfortunately some other dodgy rental companies aren’t as reliable as we are. If you find yourself going to another Car Rental place somewhere, then please be careful. Below we have some tips on hiring a rental car.

Always read the small print

When booking a car rental on the North Shore, you need to pay attention to the small print. Hidden fees or mysterious charges tend to pop up when you least expect them. And always check out the company’s policy on refuelling the car. Fill the tank up yourself before returning it: dropping the car off with an empty tank might just cost you more than you thought!

Try to book early

Booking early you can avoid higher rates. Try not to make the mistake of arriving at and then booking a car rental on the North Shore. You may find unbelievably high car hire rates or worse still find that there isn’t a vehicle available, particularly during peak season.

Check where you can go

Always double check with your company if you’re getting unlimited mileage in your vehicle rental agreement. Many smaller car hire companies may impose a charge if you exceed a daily kilometre quota. And there will also always be restrictions where you can go, for example, you won’t be allowed to drive on the beach.

Be careful if you’re under 25

Age related charges are common and all drivers need to be aware of this. If you are under 25 years old for example, many firms charge an extra daily rate. Most Car Rental Companies won’t even hire to anyone under 21. Charges can also be common for those over 70.

Is insurance extra?

Insurance is probably the most common additional fee incurred when renting a car. For an extra fee, you can avoid liability for damage to the vehicle. However, check with your regular insurance company to see if you are covered with your car rental on the North Shore. It is also wise to check with your credit card company to see if they provide the insurance you need.

If you come to Realistic Rentals, there’s no need to worry about any of the above. We’re up front and honest with exactly what you need to pay and there’s no hidden charges. So for any car rental on the North Shore, there’s only one company to call!