Dad’s guide to surviving the school holiday road trip

Rental Cars North Shore – Bracing yourself for a road trip these school holidays? Never fear, surviving the drive is easier than you think. A little bit of forward planning can help you deal with the familiar cries of “Are we there yet?” without losing your cool.

Remember to print out this checklist before you go.

Just for Dad – The Mother of all Road Trip Checklists

  • Plenty of Dad jokes
  • Books, magazines and comics.
  • Games such as the license plate game or car cricket
  • Sketchbooks and coloured pencils
  • Portable DVD player and DVDs. Don’t forget the headphones
  • Video camera or phone. Let the kids produce a road trip documentary. You never know, it could go viral.


  • Individually packaged, healthy snacks like bite-sized sesame seed bars or sultanas. Trail mix is a great option
  • Hard-to-bruise fruit such as apples
  • Plenty of water in reusable bottles

Stuff you might not think about

  • An emergency kit containing a first-aid kit, a torch with extra batteries and reflective triangles, just in case
  • Garbage bags
  • Extra nappies and wipes, if necessary
  • A change of clothes in case of accidental spills
  • Frisbees and balls so lively little travelers can tire themselves out at rest stops.
  • A blanket for those spur-of-the-moment stops along the way. Fancy a picnic by a waterfall or a snooze on the beach?
  • And, naturally – rent a great car from us!  Contact Realistic Rental Cars at 09 415 8569.

Dad jokes to get you going..!


Kids: Dad, I’m hungry!
You: (awesome hilarious dad): G’day Hungry, I’m Dad!
(Explode into a fit of laughter while kids almost roll their eyes out of their heads)


You: Did you hear about the guy who invented lifesavers?
Kids: (audible groan followed by forehead slap)
You: I hear he made a MINT!
(punctuate the punch line with a howl of laughter, maybe even crank the radio and do a little triumphant dance).

Boy on his bike.

After this classic build up, it’s time to head into some more absurd territory. The kids will have no idea what you’re talking about, which will make it even more entertaining for you. Try this anti-joke:
You: Why did the boy fall off his bike?
Kids: (on the verge of tears/praying for it to end)
You: Because someone threw a fridge at him!
Kids: (confused and frightened looks)
You: (maniacal laughter)

Travel safe…