Eyes to the Front, Driver!

Cheap Car Hire North Shore – Did you know that driver distraction has been introduced as one of the Fatal Five?

It’s a scary thought to think that a simple task can result in an accident that may cause serious or fatal injuries.

With the holiday period just around the corner, we thought we might offer some top advice for things to watch out for that may be a distraction to you whilst driving.

Oh, La, La, Lahh!

Ok, so that’s our poor attempt at singing! Don’t worry, this tip is not about your singing but is about how we engage with our stereo, iPods, and music players when we are driving.

Statistics have shown that many drivers find their focus diminishes once they start to adjust or change the settings for their music. So next time you are driving and you reach out to change your music settings, take a moment to consider the situation and your surroundings. Do you really need to make the change now while driving? Are you travelling at speeds that place you at a higher risk if you lose concentration?

It might be best to hit the stop or power off button and make the change once you are stationary.


Keeping with the technology theme, the common gadget in most cars nowadays is the all-important GPS. The best advice is to pull over to use your navigation system.

Whether it is to change settings or input new data, it’s seriously not worth it to be focusing your attention on the display of your GPS and not on the road in front. As the saying goes, it is better to be late to your destination than to never arrive at all.

Chatterboxes on board?

“Oh my goodness, did you hear the news? Well, I can’t believe…”

Are you guilty of getting wrapped up in the conversation of your passengers? Sometimes the gossip, the story, or general conversation can be quite enthralling that we may end up losing concentration for the main task at hand – driving!

Take an interest and be part of the conversation, but don’t let that become your main priority. If you need to, let your passengers know that they may be distracting you and if you can continue the topic of conversation once you arrive at your destination. Don’t be too afraid to speak up!

Look at this!

We are all at one point during our lives yelled out, “look at this!” to the driver when we have set our sights on something interesting.

As a driver, don’t be too quick to swing around to take a look! Keep your eyes to the front and ask your passenger whether it is something of importance and can you take a look later.

In addition to protecting you and your passengers, being a safe driver is also about taking into consideration the safety of your fellow motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians.

Enjoy your holiday travels and remember to take care!