Grab your rental car in Albany and head south to the Waikato Region!

Hire a rental car in Albany, jump on the motorway, and within a couple of hours you’ll be in some of New Zealand’s most beautiful spots! From the home of hobbits, to the mystical glowing caves, anything’s possible with one of our Albany rental cars!

Hobbits and whatnot.

Have a pint in the Green Dragon in Hobbiton!

Fan of the Lord of the Rings? Then this is your number one stop on the tour of Middle Earth. The Waikato region is miles and miles of rolling green hills, and Peter Jackson knew it was the perfect spot to create Hobbiton. Head to Matamata and follow the locals to Bilbo’s house. If you’re really lucky, you might even spot a few hobbits on your way to The Green Dragon, now a fully functioning pub!


The butt of many Kiwi jokes (unfairly), Hamilton is the fourth largest city in New Zealand. Sitting on the banks of the Waikato river, Hamilton is a great spot for shopping, eating and drinking. A big sporting city, Hamilton hosts regular tournaments in rugby, netball, football and cricket, as well as many music concerts and festivals.


Lake Taupo is the largest lake in New Zealand, and at over 600 square Kms, is the second largest lake in Oceania. It was created by the largest known volcanic explosion in the past 70,000 years, an explosion so large it blocked out the sun for years. Luckily for us now because we use the lake for amazing water-sports such as skiing, kayaking, and diving.

The Waitomo Caves are simply magical!

The Waitomo Caves are an absolute must-do in the region. With stalagmites and stalactites forming over millions of years, the roof of the caves are home to beautiful glow worms. These little creatures give off a soft glow, making it look like millions of stars overhead. A stunning and unforgettable experience.

So if you hire a rental car in Albany and are heading south, make sure you stop off at these amazing sights!