Need a Rental Car Quote?

When you’re planning your next road trip, don’t book a thing until you’ve got your rental car quote from Realistic Rental Cars.

We stock a full range of vehicles at prices that are sure please, leaving more money in your pocket to see the sights and use Albany as a launching pad to experience even more as you travel north.

If you’re traveling on your own or with one other person, a hatchback may be all you need. They’re also especially convenient if you’re planning on heading to the city at some point – anything that makes parking easier has got to be a good idea!

If you’re in a larger group or carrying a lot more baggage, a sedan could be more your speed. You’ll see in your rental car quote from us that choosing a sedan doesn’t mean you have to pay more, we have budget options for hiring sedans that are less than $30 per day!

When you’re looking at larger groups or even more impressive numbers of suitcases, we’ve still got you covered. There are station wagons available if it’s just trunk space you need, otherwise you can go all the way to the mighty people mover! Drive up to 9 people in absolute comfort, great for larger families or even sports teams traveling to tournaments out of town.

For really big moves, get a rental quote on our moving truck! Our Nissan Atlas is the perfect solution when you’ve larger items to move and can provide a great alternative to hiring from the major house moving companies.

One you’ve decided on the type of vehicle you need, simply head to our website and click on the ‘get a quote’ button. You can select the date range, finalise the vehicle you’d like to drive, and request any additional options like GPS or car seats.

We’ll give you a call back to confirm all your details before the booking is locked in, so you can obtain all the information you need from your rental car quote with no obligation.

Of course, above all else we value the personal touch, so if there’s anything more you need to know, or you just prefer to talk to someone over the phone, feel free to give us a call.

We look forward to providing your next rental car quote and booking soon!