North Shore Rental Cars – What to ask

North Shore Rental Cars – Keep these things in mind as you start your search for a rental car.


Ask About Fees

Ask about fees before you rent a car to avoid surprises when you pay your bill. Here are some common fees and charges you may encounter.



The rental company will add on the required state, city, or county taxes — and their own sales tax rates — to the price of your rental car. You may see other fees, too, like a “vehicle licensing fee” or an “energy recovery fee.”


Early or Late Return Fees

Being early is not always a good thing. Some rental companies may charge a fee if you return the car more than 24 hours before your reservation was supposed to end. If you must return the car early, call the company to talk to an agent.


Running a little late? Many rental car companies have short grace periods that allow you to return the car without a fee if you’re late by less than 30 minutes. However, you still may have to pay a full day’s charge for optional items, like navigation systems and liability coverage options. If you’re running more than a half hour late, call the company to see if it’s cheaper to pay late charges or extend your rental.


Airport Surcharges

If you’re renting a car at the airport, fees can increase the rental rate considerably. These surcharges can apply even when rental car companies shuttle you to their off-site lot.


Fuel Charges

Most companies require you to return your rental car with a full tank of gas. If you don’t, you’ll be charged the rental company’s price for gas, which is virtually always more expensive than if you refill the tank yourself at a local station. Companies might give you the option of pre-purchasing a full tank of gas when you first take the car, so you can return the car without paying an additional fee to fuel up. There’s usually no refund for unused fuel.


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