North Shore Rental Cars To The Rescue!

Rental cars are hardly superheroes, but if you’re in Albany and face an emergency situation we have a fleet of North Shore rental cars ready to come to your rescue! If you are a tourist, here on business, a blushing bride that needs to get to the church on time, or just don’t have a vehicle for one reason or another, we can help.

With our North Shore rental cars you will find the perfect car that suits your needs. From low budget compacts to nip around the city in, through to stunning sports cars. Mini-vans for that family holiday, or a classy luxury car for your wedding day, we have them all.

Is it an emergency?

You’re probably wondering how North Shore rental cars can help you in an emergency.

Just imagine:

You’ve a business meeting on the Shore, or you live on the Shore and have a meeting across the bridge. Forget about Auckland’s notorious bad public transport. Take the stress out of the situation and hire one of our North Shore rental cars.

It’s your Wedding day and the car that’s bringing you to the church breaks down, or simply doesn’t show up. We offer on the spot hire cars at affordable rates to get you to the church on time… and in style.

Sightseeing: Visit Albany, North Shore, Auckland and surrounding areas in comfort and at your own pace, even if your travel agent messed up your ride. With several cars and vans to suit your family’s needs and comfort, you will certainly enjoy driving around Albany on a sunny day on one of our North Shore rental cars!

You’re stuck at the airport. Worst emergency of all! You’ve arrived at the airport but your lift has fallen through. Simply call our airport rental service to come rescue you and you’ll have your feet up in a hotel room in no time.

You’ve broken down and of course, it’s at the worst possible time. If you need to book your car in for repairs a rental car from Realistic Rental Cars will have you back on the road in no time at all.


Our North Shore rental cars can get you out of a bind in the nick of time!