Cheap Rental Cars North Shore – Very often the overtaking is difficult task for the drivers because it depends on different factors: traffic intensity, other driver’s actions, driver’s reflexes and speed. Learn more about the specifics when overtaking and how to be more prepared.

Before you start overtaking you should mind the traffic intensity, road conditions and other drivers’ actions (turning or stop signals), after that you should use turn signal by yourself. Moreover you have to be prepared for reaction if sudden driving changes from the other cars happen. We advice you to pay more attention in situation like this.

What is considered as overtaking and what is not?

Few cases exist when the driver consider his actions as overtaking, but they are not:

  • When the vehicle in front is not moving;
  • When the vehicles from one line are driving faster than the others next to them;
  • On a motorway, when the vehicles driving in the speed line are passing by those in the normal line;
  • When a car is driving into the bus line faster than the one into the regular one;

Overtaking on 3-lane roads

If a road has three lanes with two lanes travelling in the opposite direction, you can overtake if the white line closest to you is broken and there is no traffic coming towards you in the middle lane. If you have a solid yellow or white line, you must not overtake.