Places to go with Albany rental cars (Part 1)

Summer is almost here! It’s time to get away for a wee weekend here and there if you can. Our Albany rental cars are the perfect way to enjoy the Summer months without breaking the bank! Check out the following places not too far from Auckland where you can get away for a break in one of our Albany rental cars.


The Northland is a lot bigger than people realise! Once you get up to the Bay of Islands, there’s still the same distance to go again before you get to the top and Cape Reinga. It’s perfect for a driving holiday, with beautiful country roads, surrounded by some of New Zealand’s most stunning landscapes.


If you could only visit one place in New Zealand, Paihia is the perfect representation of the country as a whole. Swim with wild dolphins or go whale watching around the Bay of Islands. Adventure sports are never far away with kayaking, scuba diving, or sailing on offer all year round. For History you’ll find the birthplace of New Zeland as a nation- this is where the treaty of Waitangi was signed. The historic town of Russell was once known as “The Hell Hole of the Pacific”, but don’t worry, things have changed slightly since then. Stunning waterfalls, beautiful golden beaches, and glistening lakes- Paihia has it all, and it’s only four hours with an Albany rental car.

Cape Reinga

This is the northernmost tip of New Zealand (open to the public), and a place where you can literally watch as the Pacific Ocean and Tasman Sea collide with one another. In Maori Mythology, this is the place where the spirits of the dead left into the ocean to return to their ancestral homeland. Cape Reigna Lighthouse is a great photo opportunity, and on a sunny day, you’d be hard pressed to find a more beautiful spot in New Zealand.