Rental Cars North Shore – Understanding some of the fees

Rental Cars North Shore – Keep these things in mind as you start your search for a rental car.


Mileage Fees

Most rental car companies now offer unlimited miles. But daily mileage caps may apply based on the type of vehicle you rent (for example, some SUVs or high performance vehicles). It helps to know about how far you plan to drive so you can select the company that offers the most favorable mileage terms.


Roadside Assistance Fees

Ask whether roadside assistance is included in the price of your rental car, or if the company will charge you a fee for it. If the company charges for a roadside service plan, find out exactly what it will cover if you need help — for example, if you have a flat tire or lock your keys in the car. If you’re a member of a motor club, you may have free or low-cost roadside assistance through your membership.


Drop-Off Fees

Need to drop your car off at a location other than where you picked it up? You may have to pay a steep fee for that.


Equipment-Rental Fees

If you’d like to include extra items in your rental car — like a navigation system or a car seat — you’ll have to pay a fee. Reserve these items in advance; availability varies based on the location of the rental.


Additional-Driver Fees

Want to switch off driving duties? Some companies charge a fee to add another driver — even your spouse — to your contract.


Underage-Driver Fees

Some companies allow drivers under the age of 25 — for an additional fee.


Debit and Credit Card Blocking

Most rental companies place a hold — or a block — on your debit or credit card to protect themselves from possible charges beyond the authorized amount. They don’t process the blocked amount unless you fail to return the car as specified in your contract. Your spending limit on your card may be reduced by the blocked amount until shortly after you return the car.


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