Rental Cars to your Rescue

Rental cars are hardly superheroes, but if you’re in Albany and face an emergency situation we have a fleet of rental cars to rescue you! Whether you are a tourist, a businessperson, a bride-to-be or just unfortunately stuck without a car, you will definitely find the right car to suit your needs among our range of cars. Ranging from low budget to dashing sports cars; luxury sedans to 10-seater vans, we have them all.

Call us during an emergency!

You’re probably wondering how a rental car can be of help in emergencies. This is how:

    • Business trip: You’re in Albany for just a couple of hours for those meetings you must attend within your stipulated timeframe! Rent a car and let your worries take a back seat. No dramas using public transport or trying to hail a taxi, you can easily get to your meetings in good time.
    • Wedding day: Your best friend bails on driving you to the church on your wedding day! Worry not! We offer on the spot hire cars at affordable rates to get you to the ceremony in style.
    • Sightseeing: Visit Albany, North Shore, Auckland and surrounding areas in comfort and at your own pace, even if your travel agent messed up your ride. With several cars and vans to suit your family’s needs and comfort, you will certainly enjoy driving around Albany on a sunny day on one of our realistic rental cars!
    • Airport stranding: Worst emergency of all! You’re stranded at the airport and don’t want to wait an hour for your ride. Simple, call in our airport rental service to rescue you and reach you to your doorstep in half the time.
    • Breakdowns: Most car breakdowns come at the worst possible time. If you need to book your car in for repairs a rental car from Realistic Rental Cars will have you back on the road in no time at all.

Renting a luxury car within your spending limit is no longer a herculean task! Don’t waste precious time blaming someone (or yourself) for forgetting to arrange for a commute. Just pick up your phone or jump online and Realistic Rental Cars will come to your rescue!