Spoil yourself this winter with Luxury car hire

Is there a special occasion coming up in your life? A wedding, a landmark birthday or an important anniversary? Or maybe there’s a special someone in your life? Someone who needs a well-deserved weekend away?

Well, whatever the reason, if you’re going to do it, do it in style! Luxury car hire from Realistic Rentals is the perfect way to forget about your troubles, get away for a few days and treat yourself to an experience you’ll never forget. When you want to treat yourself to an unparalleled driving experience, heading off in one of our luxury rental cars is the perfect way to make sure that your journey is as pleasurable as the destination or occasion that you’re off to enjoy. A luxury car hire will most definitely add that extra special magic touch to top off any memorable occasion.

Road trips are probably one of the best ways to travel and it’s no surprise that more people are opting to go out on the road with a luxury car hire to travel in style! Summer is the best time for road trips and taking a trip with your closest friends or family is an awesome way to spend some quality time while exploring the sites that you seldom see. Doing it in luxury will make it an even more memorable experience for everyone!

Whether you are looking for short-term or long-term luxury car hire, our prestige Albany-based rental car range are available to you at extremely competitive and reasonable prices. Our top quality luxury car hire options include cars by Jaguar, Audi and Toyota.

Call us today and book in your luxury car hire for your special occasion- or not so special! If you just want a weekend driving around our beautiful country then who’s stopping you?