Take a trip this winter with our Albany Rental Cars

Winter isn’t coming, Winter is already here! The days are short and the nights are long, and if you’re not careful, those long winter nights might just get the better of you. Why not treat yourself to a wee weekend away with one of our Albany rental cars?

“…An ocean view or a snow-capped mountain, there’s plenty to see in this remarkable country….”

Escape the gloomy city and head to the coast for the weekend. Whakatane is officially New Zealands sunniest town, so there’s a good place to start! One of our Albany rental cars will bring you down there in only 4 hours! The Bay of Plenty will be a lot warmer at this time of year than Auckland, so it’s the perfect place to rejuvenate and get some warmth into those cold bones.


Or maybe cold is your thing? If that’s the case, then you’ll want to take this short opportunity to get down to the Ski Fields while there’s snow on the piste. Mount Ruapehu is the only place in the North Island with natural ski slopes. Whakapapa ski area on the north-western slopes is New Zealand’s largest ski area, with more than 65 trails across 1050 hectares. A drive down for a weekend of skiing will take around 5 hours in one of our Albany rental cars.


An ocean view or a snow-capped mountain, there’s plenty to see in this remarkable country. Just make sure you get your trip off to the best possible start by learning the rules of the road if you’re new here to New Zealand. Read up on the rules and regulations before you take off on your wee adventure. With a little planning ahead, you’ll have a safer and less stressful holiday.

So treat yourself this Winter with a weekender here and there. Albany rental cars don’t come much cheaper, cleaner or more reliable than Realistic Rental Cars! Contact us today to book your mini adventure!